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New At The Drugstore 2018- RK By Kiss

So last night while out at IHOP, a couple of my friends mentioned to me they noticed a new makeup display at CVS, called RK (which stands for Ruby Kisses I guess) and is an extension of the brand Kiss, known for their eyelashes.

Apparently a while ago this brand came out with a matte lip lacquer, which I didn’t see on this display, but my friends mentioned to me they had lipsticks that held a striking resemblance to the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits-except these ones were only $1.99 each.



Seeing as I had some Extra Bucks and makeup coupons, I went to CVS today and bought practically everything I found on that display, and tried it all out. Here’s my first impressions:

3D Contour Artist Powder


I actually used most shades from this palette on my eyes in the look I have pictured above. They don’t have any names so it’d be hard for me to describe which shade did what for me, but overall I am pleased with the palette. The colors show up differently on the skin than in the pan, however they don’t lack pigmentation and blend pretty well. Theres a sparkly shade in the far corner that I think has way to much glitter to work as a highlight, but it made for a pretty lid color. I used the cool toned grey-brown shade to contour the hollows of my cheeks, and the lighter tan pinky shade as blush. It looks very lovely on the skin and blended easily.

All Over Glow Highlighting and Bronzing Powder


Okay this highlighting powder is a little ridiculous. So. Much. Freaking. Glitter. Even just gently swiping a fan brush over the product, glitter went everywhere. And of course I applied it as a highlight for the sake of the one-brand look I was doing, but it just looks like I’ve got glittery cheeks now. So that one is gonna be a no from me. The bronzing powder scared me a little bit too because it also has glitters, but I’m not totally against a sparkly bronzer. It actually warmed my face very nicely and the tiny glitters give me a nice golden glow-plus the glitters don’t fly everywhere when you go to apply it. If you don’t care for sparkly bronzers however, then I wouldn’t recommend this product to you.

Never Touch Up Matte Finish Powder Foundation & Matte Finish Setting Spray


I did not realize the compact was actually called a “powder foundation” when I bought it; I just figured it was a setting powder, which is what I used it for. And it looks great on top of concealer! It’s very brightening and feels so soft on the skin, not at all cakey even though it says it’s suppose to be a foundation. I’ll definitely be using this a lot more to set my cream products. The setting spray works wonderfully too- it has a very fine mist so you don’t feel like you’re getting shot in the face with a water gun, and it dries quickly and sets the makeup matte.

Never Touch Up Goodbye Pores Primer


RK actually had a range of primers for different purposes. I chose this one because I guess I just enjoy shrinking my pores, I don’t know. But it feels so soft and smooth! It makes your skin feel great and makeup just glides right over it. This is another hit for me from this product line.

Eyeshadow Magic Primer


This packaging reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, except this product is about ¼ the price and works wonderfully. It comes out like a very lightweight concealer, so it’s not thick and cakey on your delicate eyelids but also has some coverage if you have dark circles or very visible veins. I set it with some of the Matte Finish Powder Foundation and my eye makeup applied smoothly and hasn’t creased or thinned out at all.

Liquid Eyeliner (That’s Just What It’s Called)


Okay I hate this. I don’t know if you can tell by my jank ass eyeliner job in the look that I did, but this is so hard to work with. The applicator isn’t very flexible and kind of thick, so it’s hard to have any type of control or precision. All the product collects at the tip of the applicator, plus the formula is thin and watery so when you’re trying to trace back over the line you did the product basically wipes itself off. I do not like this one bit.

Small Eyeshadow Brush


This is pretty nice, not much to say about a brush. It’s soft, it doesn’t shed, it’s kind of fluffy so it can be used to blend but its flat shape allows for packing color onto the lid. Good brush for a good price, I’d recommend it.

Cream Li Cious Triple Butter Matte Lip Cream


These I have mixed feelings about. It says they’re matte lip creams, so it makes me think of the Nyx matte lip creams, but they’re definitely not matte. They have mango butter, shea butter, and coconut butter, which makes me think they’re super nourishing, but once again definitely not matte. I’m wearing the color Sipping Wine on my lips, and as you can see it looks nothing like it does in the bottle. The other color I have is called Dafina, and basically swatches the same way. These are more of a sheer tinted lip color, nothing like the Nyx matte lip creams.

Plush Cream Lip Glosses



For some reason the clear gloss sucks at application but the other ones are really cool. I’m wearing the clear one (called Azure) on my lips over the lip cream and the applicator would not for the love of God pick up any product. The other colors though- Capri, Wave, and Cabana swatch with very pigmented colors and high shine. With the exception of Azure, I like these a lot.

Forever Matte Liquid Lipstick



Okay I saved the best for last. I am obsessed with these. No way in hell am I spending any more money on the Kylie liquid lips when I know these babies exist for just $1.99. The colors are absolutely stunning. I got Bare Berries, Trust Me, Wild Fire, Tippy Toe, and Dune. These are 100% matte just like in the title. They dried within seconds when I swatched them on my wrist, and will not budge. I’ve rubbed them vigorously quite a few times and they do not transfer or smudge at all, and the color comes out perfect and vibrant on the skin. These are my absolute favorite from this line.

So overall I think I have a very positive opinion about all of these products. The eyeliner I’ll probably just have to find a way to work with even though the applicator absolutely sucks, but everything else is such great quality for such a good price! I would definitely recommend to everyone to go out and grab these liquid lipsticks- they’re amazing. Let me know if anyone has tried any of these products and has the same or different opinions about them.

❤ KK

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