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5 Beauty Favorites From 2017

So basically just like every other year, I probably spent way too much money on makeup in 2017. With all the makeup I buy and try, it’s hard to narrow it down to such a short list of my favorites, but I managed! Here’s my top 5 favorite beauty products of 2017.

#5 Fenty Beauty Foundation Brush

I can’t make a favorites list of 2017 without talking about the Fenty Beauty collection, which was perhaps the most anticipated cosmetics launch of the year. Even on the Fenty Beauty website, this product was listed as one of Rihanna’s favorites. It has super soft, compact bristles and is the perfect shape for applying foundation in all the crevices of your face. Plus it’s really pretty!

#4 Wet N’ Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder

I actually picked these up in the drugstore as a gift for myself as I was purchasing a birthday present for my best friend. From the minute I saw them in the “New in Beauty” section at CVS, I fell in love, and then they exceeded my expectations. The design with the tiny little hearts in the center is adorable, and the colors- “The Sweetest Bling” and “Lilac to Reality”- are so unique. I do not own any other purple highlighters, and this one looks beautiful on the cheekbone without being so dark where it looks damp rather than glowy. The pink one is also stunning on the cheeks, nose, and cupid’s bow when its paired perfectly with a blushy makeup look. This was definitely a hit from Wet N’ Wild.

#3 Kylie Cosmetics 20th Birthday “I Want It All” Palette

First of all, can I just say this is the prettiest packaging I have ever seen in my entire life. When I first got this in the mail, I couldn’t stop turning it in the light just so I could watch it sparkle. It comes with 9 eyeshadows, which include shades for every day wear as well as beautiful unique colors for evening party looks. It was hard to choose, but my personal favorite shades are “The New Black” – a matte hot pink, and “Party Time”- a matte pinky nude that is perfect as an all over base shade; anything can blend into it. Also, the matte black shade called “Midnight” swatches smoothly and very pigmented- two characteristics that are hard to find in a matte black shadow! The palette also comes with a blush called “Cheers” and a highlight called “Confetti” which are both also very versatile and can be paired with nearly any look.

#2 The Karrueche X ColourPop Fem Rosa Collection

I know it may be cheating to give an entire collection the #2 spot, but at the affordable price for all this amazing shit, how could I not give it a place on the list? First of all, I am loving the whole girl power theme. Everything in this collection is named after women; the palettes are called “Her” and “She” and the colors have names such as “Duchess” “Lassie” and “Contessa”. It has an overall rose gold theme, which has been a huge beauty trend since 2016, and you can make endless looks with this collection. What more could you ask for for such a great price?

#1 L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

This was a very talked about product and a lot of people seem to think that this is a dupe for the Better Than Sex Mascara, which I disagree with. I think I actually may like this more than Better Than Sex. With this one, I feel like you get length and thickness while it still looks feathery, kind of like the perfect falsies-without-falsies look. Better Than Sex had a very thick goopy formula-but don’t get me wrong, I loved that product. It was actually my very first high-end mascara and I wore it every day! However, I did have a slight problem with clumping and it was hard to apply a nice even coat since the product was so thick. With the Voluminous Lash Paradise, you achieve the desired effect without the clumpy mess, and it is half the price.

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