I Shaved My Face…And I Liked It

I’m not entirely sure where this trend started. I know Huda Beauty did a video on it and everyone went crazy, and I feel like before I saw her do it a saw two journalists talk about their experience getting their faces shaved at a spa. Regardless of where it originated, I just had to try it. And I really liked it.

When I was looking into it, I read Huda’s post about it on her blog. She mentioned something about it being great for blackheads on your nose, and immediately I was sold since I have an awful habit of using my nail to forcefully push out black heads from the pores along my nose. Also I was sick of my ever so slightly visible mustache and being afraid if I shaved it, it would grow back like Tom Selleck’s.

I bought some very pretty straight razors from a brand called Feather Flamingo on Amazon- it was only $6 for a pack of 3. I cleaned my face and made sure it was completely dry before I started shaving. I remembered Huda’s video and I remembered the video of the two journalists: I pulled my skin taught, and shaved upward in short, gentle motions.

The amount of crap that came off on the razor was astonishing. I didn’t even realize there was that much hair on my face. It also took off flakes of dead skin, and gently eased the blackheads out, so there was no need for any more nail imprints on my skin from attempting to remove them myself.

Afterward my skin did feel very dry and sensitive, so I gently moisturized. The next morning, it felt great! It was super smooth and soft, and my makeup just glided right over it. There was a very noticeable difference in how my makeup applied – my skin looked 10x smoother. There is actually a lot going on your face that you don’t even see with your naked eye. I did read that once you start shaving your face, it is really important to continue it regularly. However I don’t mind that since it is a super quick process and only needs to be done once a week- plus the results are worth it. I would definitely recommend to women to incorporate this practice into their skincare routine.


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