5 Tips For Working With Acne Prone Skin

At some point or another, everybody has to deal with pimples. Some people have it worse than others, and it can be overwhelming with all of the infommercials and at home treatments scattered all over your Pinterest feed, not to mention the two cents from total strangers. That being said, I’ve made a simple list of five straight-to-the-point tips for prepping and applying makeup to problematic, acne prone skin.

      1. Do not over cleanse


A common misconception when people begin top break out is that the cleaner your skin is, the better. It is true that keeping your pores clean can help to prevent breakouts, but there is such a thing as too clean. If you clean to often or too vigorously, you may strip the natural healthy oils from your skin, causing it to either kick into overdrive producing the oil or become extremely dry and flaky. Neither of these things are good for your acne and can even make it worse. A regular cleansing routine before applying makeup and then again after removing the makeup is all that is needed when it comes to keeping your face clean.

      1. Incorporate Topical Treatments


DIY treatments might work well on the occasional blemish, but when it comes to ongoing acne, the root of the problem may go a little deeper. While improper skincare can cause acne, some other causes include genetics, diet, or stress. If the acne is appearing in the areas of your face where a man usually grows facial hair, then the cause is most likely hormonal. With all of that being said, acne requires a little bit more serious attention than just a couple pimples that appear every now and then. Prior to makeup application, spot and treat problem areas with acne creams that include either benzoyl peroxide, which kills acne bacteria, or salicylic acid, which unclogs both. Pick one or the other- it’s not good for your skin to switch back and forth between these two active ingredients, and its definitely not good to use them both at the same time.

      1. Maintain Balanced Hydration


Another common misconception about acne prone skin is that moisturizer is either not needed due to overproduction of oil or will be worse for the skin because it will clog the pores. This is not true; oil and moisture are not the same thing, so even oily skin needs moisturizer. Choose a lightweight, oil-free and fragrance free moisturizer to nourish your facial skin prior to makeup application without irritating it. Another way to keep skin hydrated is by drinking plenty of water.

      1. Choose The Right Primer


Primers are super important to any makeup routine. They usually are silicone based, which creates a breathable barrier between your skin and your makeup, protecting your pores from being clogged by the face products you use. There are different primers that cater to different skin concerns, but for acne prone skin, reach for a green tinted primer. This will not paint your face green because it will just have a green base, however it will balance out the redness and make the acne easier to conceal. If you have excessively oily skin, you could also go for a shine control primer, which is usually just meant to be applied in your T-zone to absorb the excess oil that is produced there.

                              5. Treat Your Pores With Hot and Cold Water


Let me just get this out of the way: hot water should never be applied directly to your skin. When washing your face, if you wish to use warm water, that is fine. Hot water can be drying and irritating to your skin, especially if it is sensitive or problematic.

One thing about acne prone skin is that pores are usually enlarged. When you are washing your face prior to applying makeup, use cold water. This will shrink the pores, not only making them less visible but also helps to protect them from being clogged. In the evening, when you take off your makeup, use warm water to open them back up. If you want, you can fill your sink with hot water and lean over it to allow your skin to absorb the steam. This opens the pores and releases the toxins and debris that may be trapped in them. You can even dampen a microfiber towel with hot water and press it gently to your face to achieve the same effect.

❤ KK


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