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Disappointing Products To Avoid: Makeup Academy Brushes

Makeup Academy is not exactly a new brand, but I recently threw out another one of their brushes so I figured I talk about this. I think they hit CVS stores around two years ago, and when I saw them I was intrigued. Their style and packaging reminds me a lot of MAC, so they appear to be very chic and sophisticated, with high-end presentation on an end cap in the drug store. I fell in love with the way their brushes looked, and bought a hand full of them to try at about $10-$13 a piece- kinda pricey for drugstore brushes.


I think the first two brushes I started using were face brushes, one was definitely a stippling brush I used for foundation and the other might have been a powder brush (I’ve since tossed them in the garbage so it’s a little hard for me to remember.) The first thing I noticed was the shedding. I was constantly getting hairs stuck in my makeup whenever I used them. I googled what to do about shedding brushes, and read that a lot of times when you first open a brush out of a compact package it may shed for a little bit. These brushes do come in a plastic casing inside a box, so I figured I’d give them a chance. But they never stop shedding.


To pay at least $10 for a brush and have it shed that much that quickly is completely unacceptable. I have a small stippling brush from E.L.F. that I think I paid $5 for that is much better quality. Aside from it not shedding, it has a lot more bristles packed into it whereas the Makeup Academy brush had sparse bristles. Eventually I threw both of those face brushes out because they were completely unusable.

The eye brushes aren’t as much of a headache, except that they’re rather scratchy and uncomfortable on the skin (I just threw out a fluffy eyeshadow brush because of how rough it is, plus it had started to shed) I do have their angled liner/brow brush that I use to do my eyebrows every day, however that’s mostly me using it because I paid an annoying amount for it. You can get an excellent quality angled brush from E.L.F or even Wet N’ Wild for a fraction of the price, so I would not recommend going out and purchasing any of these brushes. It’s a little sad when there’s dupes for drugstore brushes that can be found elsewhere in the drugstore.


Makeup Academy is not a bad brand. They actually have excellent liquid lipsticks that smell like peppermint and are very smooth and opaque while still being moisturizing. It’s just their brush line that I have a huge problem with. The quality of the brushes aren’t just bad, they’re awful to the point of not even being useable. You can’t be constantly plucking tiny hairs from your face every time you do your face makeup, and after you’ve paid $10-$13 for it? Fuck that. Like I said, I don’t want to trash the brand as a whole because their other products are very nice. However I would advise you to avoid these brushes at all costs.

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