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Top 3 Favorite Contour Palettes (Of All Time)

Contour palettes are great because they’re like a one stop place for all your bronzing and contouring needs. Warm tones, cool tones, and sometimes even highlighting shades are all in one little book, which also saves you space when you’re storing or transporting your makeup. These are three of my all time favorite contouring palettes. 🙂

#3 E.L.F. Contour Palette in Deep


This is a great affordable palette with both warm and cool tones for bronzing and contouring. It does come in two different “shades”; I believe the other one is called Light/Medium. I picked this one up at CVS a while ago and chose Deep because my skin usually requires darker shades for contouring, and I love it. The downside is that it has no highlighting shades and that one of the shades has shimmer in it, which I know some people don’t like (but I do!). However if you are looking for a simple palette for a good price, I highly recommend this one!

#2 Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit


This palette I actually bought in the shade Light To Medium. This one comes with six colors, three dark and three light, but if I’m being honest I only use four. The famous color from this palette is the Banana shade, which is great for setting under eye concealer because the yellow tinge cancels out and purple dark circles you may have.

#1 Too Faced Cocoa Contour

This one is my all time favorite. It has four shades just like the E.LF. Palette, but is a bit on the pricier side. It also comes with a cute little brush. The lightest shade called Light Cocoa is my favorite shade EVER for setting concealer and brightening under the eyes. Dark Cocoa is a beautiful shade I use to bronze while Medium Cocoa is a cool toned shade perfect for contouring any part of your face. And then there’s Pop of Light…which I hate. It’s very sparkly rather than glowy, so it doesn’t make for a good highlight on the cheekbones like I think it was intended for. However, it looks very pretty on the eyelids for a sparkly look. And as a bonus, this whole palette smells like chocolate.

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