Caring For Dry Lips- A Guide Written By A Girl Who Has Survived Many A New England Winter

My lips have always been one of the most problematic areas of my face. In elementary school, I remember constantly biting and peeling off layers of skin from my lips by the end of the day. Lipstick would sink into the cracks and flake off. I developed a terrible habit of picking and scratching away at my lips, and it would amaze me that I even had any lip left with the amount of skin I pulled off in a day.

Winter is the absolute worst time for dry skin, and if you are an East Coast girl like me, you most likely know exactly what I’m talking about. Recently I’ve been neglecting protecting my lips and skin from the brisk weather outside and decided to buckle down and get organized into a routine so that I wouldn’t be walking around everywhere with dry, bleeding lips. I even purchased some new products to recommend.

  1. Lip masks are a thing and they are pretty great. I bought this jelly lip mask from a brand called Peach Slices for just $3.99. Basically, all it is is a face mask designed special for your lips. Lips need a different set of care than the rest of your face during your skin care routine. Similar to the under eye area, lips are very delicate and endure a lot during the day whenever you eat or drink, or even catch a cold and are forced to breath through your mouth for a couple days. Therefore, investing in a special mask just for your lips is a good idea, or a coating of honey makes for a great DIY lip mask.

  2. Exfoliating is important to removing dry cracked skin from the surface of your lips so you can really treat the healthy skin beneath those layers. Some brown sugar and a little bit of coconut oil is an easy DIY scrub, but E.L.F. has an amazing exfoliating stick at a very affordable price and is one of my favorite E.L.F. skincare products.

  3. Just like with the rest of your face or your hair, once or twice every week you may go in with a more heavy duty treatment to give yourself some extra nourishment. Harsh winters may call for a bit higher maintenance, and your lips also need their own special treatment. This lip treatment from Milani feels amazing and smells great, I would recommend using it at night before bed as opposed to something heavy and greasy like Vaseline.

  4. Lastly it is important to keep something a little extra on you in case your lips need emergency care throughout the day. Burt’s Bees is an excellent brand for lip care and lately I have been loving this Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter. A little lip balm stick is so easy to throw in your purse and this product gives my lips relief from the freezing Connecticut winter.


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