5 Steps For Matte Lipstick That Lasts All Day

I feel like the lips are a very neglected area of the face when it comes to a full face of makeup, especially since they’re usually the last thing you get to. At that point, you’re just ready to finish your makeup and go, so it’s easy to just slide on some lipstick and throw it in your bag before walking out the door. However, if you are looking to have bullet proof, transfer free lipstick from virtually any lip product you use, and for it to have beautiful, vibrant color all day, then maybe you can take a few extra minutes at the end of your makeup routine to follow these steps.

Step 1: Moisturize

This step is basically like the primer you use for your face or eyes, just on your lips. You want the moisturizer you use on your lips to be a specific consistency. For instance, you wouldn’t want to glob on some thick greasy Vasoline, because then your lipstick would just slide right off. You want a thin layer that dries a tad bit tacky, but not overly lip-smacking sticky. My recommendations would be a little bit of NIVEA Lip Butter orBenefit Benebalm . Kathleen Lights on Youtube recommends using EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm Sphere under lipstick due to their waxy finish.

Why: Like I said, having something between your bare lips and lip product is just like having a primer between your skin and foundation, or a concealer between your eyeshadow and lids. It not only helps the products glide on smoothly and less likely to sink into cracks or dry skin flakes, but also keeps your lips protected from the drying effects most lip products have.

Step 2: Lip Liner

Lip liner is also kind of an underrated product but it’s so great for beautiful lip makeup, which is why it’s the first step in this lip routine. I really like Milani Color Statement Lip Liner.

Why: For starters, if you pair the right shade with your lipstick, you can create a lovely faded effect using a darker liner than your lipstick. This also makes your lips look fuller. Lip liner also really helps you create crisp, clean lines when applying your lipstick and create whatever shape you want for your lips. For instance, I lack a cupid’s bow on my lips, which makes it really hard for me to create the shape I want if I just go in with a stick or doe foot applicator. Lip liner helps me to draw one right on so I can be more precise when applying the lipstick; it’s as easy as filling in a coloring book.

Step 3: Apply the First Coat of Lip Product & Blot

If you take the time to notice, most of your makeup products require a lot of building to get the fullest, most vibrant color pay off. Some medium foundations have the potential to be full coverage with building. A lot of shimmer shades on your eyes can be seen from space with a little setting spray and a couple dips back into the shadow. Same goes with a lip product. This particular routine requires two layers of whatever lip product you are using, followed by blotting.

Why: As noted in the beginning, this routine will help you get the most payoff from your lipstick as well as color that lasts the whole day. This first layer is going to act as your base, and the blotting will help take off excess product to prepare for the next step.

Step 4: Apply Loose Translucent Setting Powder to Lips

You can grab any loose setting powder you have and just tap a light layer over your lips, until the color looks matted and dulled. The RCMA No Color Powder is a great loose powder for this step.

Why: This is going to lock in your base color and keep your lipstick in place so it doesn’t smear or slide around. It’s similar to the effects of baking your under eye concealer.

Step 5: Apply Second Layer of Lip Product, Blot & Finish!

And now it is time for the second layer, or the top coat: Just apply your same lip color over your matted down base color. With the base color in place your lipstick should not only glide on easily, but also be opaque. And the set down lipstick beneath will also keep it in place all day, just remember to blot the top layer as well- blotting is an important step to keeping your lipstick transfer resistant as well as smudge proof.

I hope everyone enjoys this. Go ahead and give this a try next time you are getting ready for a super busy day or night, and need your lipstick to last and look flawless 🙂

2 thoughts on “5 Steps For Matte Lipstick That Lasts All Day

  1. Moisturing is so important! I have really dry lips and if I don’t moisturize, my lipsticks will literally crack and crumble off of my lips throughout the day! Also, I’ve never given blotting a try, but I’m definitely interested in taking that method for a test run!


    1. I had the same problem when I was younger and didn’t moisturize! And I highly recommend blotting because it helps keep your lipstick from sliding all over the place throughout the day when you’re trying to eat or drink 🙂

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