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2 Ways To Make DIY Blotting Sheets

As an oily skinned Italian girl, blotting sheets are among my must-haves. These little slips of paper soak up the oil on your face with just a few dabs, letting those of us with shiny faces keep our makeup look matte throughout the day and get rid of the annoying grease settled on our skin.

Many makeup brands sell packages of blotting sheets, but those can be a little pricey. When I was in middle school I needed blotting sheets but had no money and no car to drive myself to the beauty store even if I did have money. Nevertheless, I managed with these methods.. Here are two cheap easy things you can make into your own blotting sheets.

The first thing…coffee filters! I use a Keurig machine at my apartment so I snatched a coffee filter from my parents house, but those of you who are like my mom and dad and still use an old fashioned coffee pot should have coffee filters on hand anyways. For these I like to cut them into triangles- the pointed corners are could for getting the creases of my nose where oil likes to collect while the wide flat part is good for my cheekbones, forehead, and chin.




The second thing may sound weird but its free. I grabbed a disposable toilet seat cover from the bathroom at my work. This should go without saying, but I’m going to stress that you grab a clean one from the pack on the wall, don’t take the one you used. And then just simply cut it up into little squares and you’ve got plenty of free blotting sheets!




You can use any small jewelry or trinket box you may have lying around to store them in so you can throw them in your purse or backpack and take them on the go.



❤ KK


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