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Fenty Beauty Body Lava Review!

So the wait is finally over and we have reached the moment we have all been waiting for. Rihanna has dropped her new product she calls “body lava”- basically a highlighter but for your entire body. I am going to start off by saying I absolutely love this, personally. But there are some things about it a lot of people will not like, so I am going to talk about it.

It comes in two shades, and I bought the shade “Who Needs Clothes?!” which she describes as a glistening peach-gold. First of all, it smells amazing. It has a warm, sweet scent with notes of vanilla, so not only will you glow but you will smell simply delicious. The second thing I noticed once I started putting it on is that it is extremely sparkly, which may not be for everyone. There is a distinct difference between a highlight that is glowing and dewy and a highlight that is sparkly. There’s more to it than just straight glitter- I definitely felt like a had a golden glow radiating off of me. However while it isn’t very apparent in pictures, you will be covered in lots and lots of sparkles if you wear this.


Another thing everyone may not be a fan of is the texture. When applying it, it feels smooth, lightweight and luxurious. However after a while of wearing it, it can be extremely tacky. At one point during the night I put my hand to my chest and my hand literally got stuck- as in you could hear the suction when I took my hand off my chest. It didn’t feel thick or sticky on my skin, just to the touch.

Probably the most unpleasant thing about this product is the price- $59. You do get a lot of product in a quality glass bottle, however I am not sure how “wearable” it is. A lot of people prefer a more natural highlight on a day to day basis, and when you’re paying nearly $60 you’re going to want to wear it frequently and get a lot of use out of it. Being the amount of extra I am I plan on wearing this a lot during the summer, and I’m sure most everyone else did too, however I’m not sure if people are going to be disappointed with the heavy sparkle effect and the tacky texture.

Overall, I do really like this product and am so excited to wear it all summer long, but that is my personal opinion. This product may not be for everyone and also may not be what a lot of people are expecting it to be, but I hope you find this review to be helpful!

❤ KK

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