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$1 Contour Palette vs. $40 Anastasia Contour Kit

So recently I bought a bunch of $1 makeup from a website called Shop Miss A with the intentions of doing a full face of $1 makeup and writing about it, but ultimately I got lazy and that didn’t happen. HOWEVER, whilst sifting through my collection of cheap makeup that I purchased I came across a contour palette that I paid $1 for and remembered trying it out and it not being too bad. Then the idea blossomed in my head that I should do a comparison with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit which cost $40.

The $1 palette I bought is called the Makeover Essentials Contour Kit. To start off this palette comes with two things the Anastasia one doesn’t- a decent sized mirror and a contour brush. The ferrule of the brush is loose and pretty crappily put together but the bristles are very soft and don’t fall out during usage, so for $1 I’m really not going to complain.IMG_8912


The Makeover Essentials kit is pictured on the left.

As you can see the Makeover Essentials mimics the shades of the Anastasia kit, so I went ahead and switched them on my skin to compare and contrast and took pictures with flash and without flash.


One thing I noticed is how pigmented the lighter colors are in the Makeover Essentials kit, which is not exactly a good thing when it comes to highlight and contour. Just look at the flashback on the banana shade in the $1 kit vs. Anastasia’s banana shade- that shade goes under your eyes. However a positive thing about the $1 shades is that they watched smoothly and weren’t chalky, which is a common problem I usually find in cheap pressed powder makeup.

Now, it was time to contour my face. I did one side with Anastasia and one side with Makeover Essentials, pictures below (first pic is Anastasia, second is ME)



Pictured here, they don’t look that different, and I’m not going to lie, the Makeover Essentials palette is not bad at all and is definitely useable. However in person, it looked pretty patchy compared to Anastasia and was harder to blend out (I used the same brushes and techniques on both sides for the sake of comparison.)

In conclusion, I definitely will say Anastasia is a lot better, and I’m really not crazy about the banana shade in the Makeover Essentials kit for under the eyes. But as for the contour shades in the ME palette, for $1 plus the mirror and brush, it really is a good deal for decent quality makeup. If you are not looking to spend $40 on an expensive contour kit from Sephora I would say this is a good alternative. However if you contour every day and are looking for a good reliable kit to invest in, I say Anastasia all the way. The Makeover Essentials kit is by no means a dupe, but still a pleasant surprise for such a low price.

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