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Does This Makeup Hack For Oily Skin Really Work?

It is a well known commandment in makeup that you never apply cream over powder- once your face has been baked and/or set, you are done with cream products or anything wet. But then we kind of broke that rule when we sprayed our brushes to apply highlighting powder on the cheeks and when we used a damp beauty blender to apply baking powder. So when I looked on Instagram and saw a beauty hack where a girl with oily skin applied loose powder before her cream foundation, I thought I’d give it a shot since my skin always gets horrendously oily by the end of the day.


I shall now report my findings.

After priming my skin with a mattifying primer from the brand AOA, I patted the Laura Mercier setting powder all over my skin. After that, I applied foundation, which on this particular day was a mix of Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 foundation and the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation (not a new product but a new purchase and new favorite of mine). I really liked the way it applied over the powder. It was smooth, full coverage, and almost immediately nice and soft to the touch, not tacky.

As I moved on with my makeup routine I started to notice foundation was not sticking to my chin or my upper lip. So I would add more or some concealer, and it was just slide right off, which was very strange. The foundation seemed to be melted in to the rest of my face pretty well. Ultimately, I had to remove the makeup from that area of my face and apply it again without the powder underneath. The makeup stayed this time around, however this was annoying since my chin and upper lip are some of the most oily areas of my face.

Fast forward to the end of the day to examine the results: the shine and oil I would normally see in my T-zone was a lot less than usual. However, my makeup looked awful. The foundation kind of clung in patches around my nose, and as for the flat areas of my face like the cheeks and forehead, it separated into a weird ass pattern that kind of reminded my of crackle nail polish (remember that?)



The above image is from a lovely Youtube video by ilovemylongnails about the OPI Katy Perry Crackle nail polish.

So overall, the hack technically worked, as in it did what it was said to do (control oil and shine) but the powder essentially ruined the finish of two very well loved foundations. That being said, I will not be trying this hack again and will continue the search for methods of taming my greasy ass Italian skin.



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