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Why I Didn’t Purchase From the Savage X Fenty Lingerie Line

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to. It’s because this website made it virtually impossible for me to order from it.

I almost didn’t write this post because I figured it was just me and my own stupidity or something but then I noticed a lot of other people talking about problems with the launch as a whole, so I wondered if anyone else experienced the same thing.

To start off let me just say I was a little underwhelmed. I was excited to see some pretty bras for ladies like me who have a bigger chest (I’m a D cup) but for the most part the bras were looking kinda plain. BUT, then I saw the bralettes and fell in love. Even though they’re meant to be lingerie, I already formed 3892018390218 outfits in my head with them and thought I’d do a blog post about how to style bralettes into trendy looks for the summertime.
So the first problem I had was trying to figure out the sizing. The bras would have actual cup sizes to choose from, but then the bralettes and other pieces were things like “small, medium, large” or “1x, 2x, 3x”. I went to look at the size chart provided on the site to see which of these sizes would fit my chest and all it had was instructions on how to measure your cup size. Like okay, I know my cup size, I just want to know what the hell a 1x is and if it will fit my cup size.

Nevertheless, I persisted. The site kept glitching out on me, but I figured it was a big launch and a lot of people were trying to order at that moment (even though I had waited until the next day to shop). And then it came time for me to check out and for whatever reason the site was adding wrong items to my basket or doubling quantities, which was really annoying. When I finally got the items in my basket I wanted and only one of each item, I went to pay and it declined my transaction, saying to check my payment method. It was just my debit card which I had been using all day, to buy lunch at work, order more makeup from the Ulta app, etc. I had plenty of money in my account, so there was nothing wrong with my end.

I checked my payment info. I double checked. I triple checked. I refreshed the page and re-typed everything in. I logged off and waited until the evening to try again. Again I double and triple checked and refreshed and retyped, it just kept saying my “transaction was declined.” Finally, I gave up.


I was really sad at first because I wanted those bralettes so bad. But then I logged on to Forever21 and found a bunch that I not only liked better, but were a fraction of the price, which goes to show how…unremarkable this line was. I’m not entirely disappointed in the line- like I said I loved the bralettes and she had some beautiful corsets and belts as well that were to die for. But I did notice a lot of people complaining about how you could find similar pieces at Forever21 and how the bras in bigger sizes were still pretty plain. I just really hated how difficult the website made things, and how I wasn’t even able to order anything and still cannot find any explanation for it. But at least I can order some from Forever21 and still do a bralette lookbook for summertime ❤

Did anybody else have problems with the site, felt underwhelmed by the line, or absolutely loved the line?


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