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DIY Lash Extensions

One popular trend in beauty that I have never gotten into is false lashes, and that is for three reasons:

  1. Taking extra time to glue them on whenever I do my makeup.
  2. Having to repurchase them constantly.
  3. Once I start wearing them, I wouldn’t be able to stop because my makeup would then never look complete without them.

So I avoided them completely until I came across some Youtube videos explaining how to do your very own lash extensions that last up to two weeks. Since I am broke as a joke and usually do not trust anyone else near my eyes, I figured I’d give it a shot. Basically you just buy a pack of individual lash clusters (The ones I used were Ardell Soft Touch from CVS) and use a lash adhesive to glue them directly to your lash line (not touching your eyelid!)

The first time around was ultimately a fail because I used kind of an old adhesive (also from Ardell) that was made for strip lashes, so they came off the next morning after surviving a shower and 8 hours of sleep. But they looked so pretty and were actually very comfortable so I decided to pick up some of the Ardell Lash Tite Dark Adhesive and also the Ardell Lash Free Individual Eyelash Adhesive Remover for when I was ready to take them off.

That night, I tried again, dipping the ends of the lash clusters into a little puddle of the adhesive and carefully pressing them to my lashes with a pair of tweezers. I used a clean mascara wand to brush them out when I was finished.

I loved them! They were definitely stuck on there pretty good (I could rub my eyes and everything!) and felt like nothing. I have worn strip lashes before for special occasions, and did not think they were comfortable at all and had such a hard time getting the ends to stay down around the inner and outer corner of my eye. Since these  are individual lashes, however, it was much easier to place them and I could use different lengths to create a more natural eyelash look.

I used the clean mascara wand to brush them every morning, and when I did wear makeup I used a little bit of mascara just because I’d get some eyeshadow on them or something and they’d look colored or dusty, so I wanted to get them as black as possible. But aside from that, you don’t really need to wear mascara with them because they look long and full enough on their own.

If you choose to try this out, you do have to be very careful and attentive when applying them. Like I said you do not want the lashes to be glued directly to the skin of your eyelid, only to your natural lashes. It is very important to have a lash remover on hand if you want to take these off – never pull on them! You could rip out your natural eyelash and it could be very painful.

Overall I really did like the way these turned out, I like that I can have the look of false lashes without having to take the time every single morning to try to fit them on. I can just take about 20 minutes of my time once every two weeks to do these lash extensions, and I’m all set! ❤


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