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Is KKW Beauty Worth The Hype & Money?

So this is what $80 worth of KKW (Kim Kardashian West) Beauty looks like:


As somebody who tends to buy a lot of high end makeup I am honestly quite accustomed to this level of pricing, and these products actually come in good size quantities. However I wanted to test them out just to see if the hype over this line is about the quality of the makeup or just the fact that Kim’s name is on it.

Fun fact, my initials are also KKW which is why my Instagram name is Kendra Karen Makeup Artistry instead of KKW Beauty. No joke I wanted to start building a brand around my initials and then Kim released her makeup line šŸ˜¦

Anyway, the first thing I tried out was the liquid concealer ($18), which I believe I got in the shade #6.


I do really love how chic and clean the packaging is and the color scheme she chose, however I hate how you can barely see the logo printed onto the products (its like this for all of the products I bought). Anyway, I watched it onto my hand and you can kind of see from this picture but it didn’t show up as well on camera; the shade of concealer absolutely DOES NOT look like what is in the bottle.


The undertones in the swatch are much more yellow than it appears in the bottle, not to mention it also looks darker once applied to the skin. This made me fear that it would oxidize to orange, but luckily it didn’t!
I actually really loved the coverage from this concealer and how easily it blended it out. The only negative thing I really have to say about it is how different the color looks when you apply it to the skin, so you should be weary of that when selecting a shade on the website.

Next I pulled out her baking powder ($18) and at first I was a little bit ehhhh feeling about the amount of powder but it turns out looks are deceiving: there’s plenty of product in here and a little bit goes a long way.


Love,Ā Love, LOVEĀ this! It applies so beautifully and doesn’t feel too clingy or drying at all so I have a feeling this could work for people with dry skin. It also doesn’t cause any of my makeup to oxidize/change color which is often a problem I find with loose baking powders. You could also use this as just an all over setting powder but it isĀ excellentĀ for baking. I ended up falling asleep with my makeup on (the power went out at my apartment and I had a surprise sleepover at my parents’ house) and by the morning, all of my makeup had rubbed off EXCEPT the concealer that I had baked with this powder. It looked absolutely FLAWLESS! I give this powder a 10 out of 10, definitely worth the money.

Next and last are these KKW X Argenis Creme Color Sticks in “Dramatico” and “Peshosa” at $18 each.


Dramatico is a matte black while Peshosa is a metallic copper shade.

I really liked how smooth and creamy these switched. While I don’t have any colors similar to Peshosa (part of the reason I bought it) I do have the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean that I decided to compare to Dramatico.


Dramatico on the left, Black Bean on the right. I honestly like black bean a lot better- it has better pigmentation and staying power while Dramatico just kind of slides right off my eyes as I try to blend it out.

Here is a swatch of Peshosa:


Like I said it swatches very beautifully and feels nice, but once applied to the eyes it slips and slides right off – the black can’t even be blended out to create a smokey look and the copper just looses all of its beautiful pigment when you barely even touch it. Though I wouldn’t say I get oily around my eye area, I wonder if people with very dry eyelids/ eye areas would benefit from this product? I will definitely try these out more with different eye primers and blending techniques, but honestly, right of the bat the much cheaper Nyx eye pencils are significantly easier to work with.

Overall, the only product I absolutely loved from this mini haul was the baking powder which I 100% recommend and is probably my new favorite loose powder. I did really like the concealer, however I do have an issue with how awkwardly different the color appears once applied to the skin. The eyeshadow sticks I do not think are worth the money at all, and there are much more affordable alternatives that work a lot better.
I am looking forward to see what else Kim is going to release with this brand. It does seem like she has a good ear for her customers’ feedback and works to improve her line and products, so I am planning on trying out more of her stuff in the future.

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