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Bitch Slap Cosmetics Review

The minute I saw this makeup line I knew I had to try it out.

They are a brand that creates products in all different unique shapes and patterns, mostly of male and female genitalia. But I had to wonder, they make look interesting and hilarious, but is the product any good?

Of course I ordered some to find out.

I bought a lipstick that doesn’t really have a name for the shade except “warm tones” on the order receipt, a pink highlighter with a vagina on it called “pussy glow” and a setting spray called “cock block” that appears to be a best seller, but unfortunately they were all out.


They did include these tasty penis candies in the package however.


Anyway here are the swatches and I am simply shook.


The lipstick is actually a beautiful nude tone that is perfect for olive complexions. It glides on smoothly and stays super moist throughout the day- not at all a drying formula but not too thick and greasy on the lips.

While the highlight was a little too dark for the tops of my cheekbones, I definitely intend on using it as an eyeshadow. The pigmentation of this shimmery pink is absolutely stunning. I am looking forward to purchasing more shades of lipstick from them and hopefully getting my hands on that setting spray eventually!

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