How I Turned A Dress That Didn’t Fit Into A Two Piece Set

I recently bought this dress from Zaful that is *hella* cute but there was one annoying problem. I ordered the dress in a size medium- the top looked like it would cover my entire chest pretty well and the length of the skirt looked decent as well. But even though the back of the dress had stretchy mesh type fabric, the waist of the dress was not flexible at all and was way too tight. Because of this, I couldn’t even get the dress on- the waist line was so tight I couldn’t pull it past my boobs or up past my hips when I tried putting it on by stepping into it.

Two piece matching sets are very much in style right now especially since it is about to be summer. Since I liked the size of the bust area and the length of the skirt, I decided to ditch that annoying seam along the waist and make a stylish bralette and skirt outfit.


Here is the cute dress as it originally came. I started by cutting off the top of it right above that pesky seam line.


And now we have our bralette. Of course, there was some fitting and work to do to make it look nice and not like we just chopped it off a dress.


It also came with the most annoying and pointless zipper ever that I decided to completely remove and sew back together into a side seam. As you can see the top is stitched together anyway so this zipper was just a random hole in the side of the dress anyway.

I also hemmed the bottom of the top to make it look nice. Here is the before & after:



Now because I’m stupid I forgot to take any photographs of the skirt but basically what I did was cut below the seam to separate the skirt from the remains of the dress. Then I tried the skirt on and cut it (from the top, I wanted to save the hemming that was already done at the bottom and also make a new waist) to my desired length, and then cut the side of it open and took it in to where I liked how it fit. The waist of the skirt does remain undone at the moment because I’m unsure of what to do with it but I am more than likely going to add an elastic band to it and finish off the waist. I like the way this fits much better now and even though the original dress was to small to even get on, I found a way to keep the cute pattern and style and be able to wear it just in time for summer.


Ignore my messy room please ā¤


2 thoughts on “How I Turned A Dress That Didn’t Fit Into A Two Piece Set

  1. This is such a great idea! I was shopping a while back and came across a dress that was technically my size, but wouldn’t go over my head but also couldn’t be stepped into and all I could think is “What is anyone supposed to do with this?” And now I know what people can do with that! Split it into something new!



    1. Thanks girl! I honestly came pretty close to giving it away and then I was like hey, new outfit and a fun sewing project ! šŸ™‚


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