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Vanessa Hudgens’ “Sinful Colors” Makeup Line Review

So I had no idea Vanessa Hudgens had a makeup line until I was browsing my local CVS and found it on an end cap. Obviously, I had to try it out and review it- for one, it’s literally makeup by THE Gabriella Montez and for two, the colors looked like lots of fun and something out of my comfort zone. With that being said, here is a list of the products I picked up and my thoughts on them.


The first product is the Face Forward Allover Highlighter Stick in the color “Glow Potion”. Honestly, I really didn’t care for this. The stick is a little stiff and hard for my taste, which tugs at the skin of my cheekbones when I’m applying it. It doesn’t blend out very well, it starts off looking like a white chalky streak and then blends into a blob of purple sparkles. I don’t recall seeing any powder highlighters on the end cap, but I think I would rather see something like that come from this brand, or maybe a liquid highlighter. I never really have any luck with stick highlighters in general.


The next product is the Pout Play Iridescent Lip Color, which I picked up in the shade Impulsive. This stuff is super cool! It starts off looking lavender and shimmery but as you apply it it turns into this gorgeous green aqua color, and from there on it depends on how the light hits it. It’s thick and glossy which makes your lips look extra plump and luscious. I noticed quickly that the whole line of products I was looking through had a them of iridescent colors.


Next we have the Shady Babe Cream Eyeshadow. The colors I got were Charming (the pink color) and Stunning (the blue color). I was skeptical of this because I feel like cream shadows that don’t come in a pot/jar tend to be too creamy on me and crease and transfer, but I was really impressed with these. I had absolutely 0 transfer without even setting it with a powder shadow. I could dab it with my finger after a few seconds of letting it dry and it would not budge. I’m excited to try this product in other colors.


I grabbed the Stop and Stare Gel Eyeliner in the shade Lielock Eyes and this was another product I didn’t really care for. I have other eyeliners similar to this that come out creamy with a gorgeous sheen, and this comes off more chalky and…chunky. This product disappointed me a little because it did come in some very pretty colors but it just did not show up on my eye the way I expected.


This next one is probably my favorite. This is the Diva Lash Color Mascara in the shade Lash Splash (a bright blue color) and I just think it’s really cool. I feel like a lot of colored mascaras tend to not really show up on the lashes, but the blue color in this looked very vibrant and I think it could give a fun detail to any colorful makeup look.


Last but not least is the lipstick that doesn’t have a fancy name like the rest of them but I got in the shade Indulgent. It’s this plummy berry color with little shimmers in it and it kind of reminds me of a Kat Von D lipstick I have with a similar shimmer effect. It’s not the most pigmented out there, but it’s very creamy and swatches nicely.

This line definitely isn’t for those who like to wear more natural makeup. Hell, it’s probably not even for people who like to do everyday glam because the colors are very wild, iridescent or sparkly. I can see this makeup being used for music festival looks or maybe other types of nighttime festivities. Also, I don’t believe anything from this haul was over $7, so this is an affordable makeup line. There were some misses but also a lot of hits, so I would be interested in seeing more types of products released in this line.

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