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Unpopular Opinion: Fenty Beauty Foundation Edition

So while this whole “unpopular opinion” thing is trending on social media I thought it would be a perfect time to state my seemingly very very unpopular opinion, which is that the Fenty Beauty foundation is not very good…for me, at least.

I love a lot of Rihanna’s products and the fact that she came out with such a huge shade range as her first order of business in launching this line was amazing! I watched a lot of Youtube reviews before purchasing and everyone seemed to like it, so I was quite excited. The only thing I was worried about was that I ordered too dark of a shade, but when it arrived and I swatched it my worries were put to rest; it blended into my skin very well…at first.

After about a half hour it oxidized into this dirty orange color. It does say “shake well” on the bottle and after a while I did hear reviews saying that this foundation is not good for dry skin. I do not have dry skin, but I figured maybe I needed to work with it: shake it more before using, apply it with a damp sponge as opposed to a brush (the Fenty Beauty foundation brush is excellent, by the way) or mix it with some priming oil. None of these methods seemed to work but I convinced myself I could just roll with it.

One day I did a look using the foundation and took a picture of it. Oh my god, it looked awful. Usually, if foundation doesn’t look good in person I can make it look good in a photo, but not with this foundation. No matter what I do, it dries orange and patchy. When I am first applying it, it looks beautiful and like it’s blending into my skin nicely, but by the end of my makeup it looks like I just rolled around in mud. So for the first time ever, I had to forfeit; I can’t make this foundation work for me.

Here’s some pictures of what I mean when I say it looks patchy and muddy:


Does anyone else struggle with these problems or have any other suggestions of how to work with it?

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