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Wet N’ Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection Review

I bought this big ass box a while ago and never got around to doing an unboxing and review so this may be a little late, BUT, I figured since everyone is starting to wind down on this whole mermaid/unicorn/fairy trendy crap I might as well talk about this collection I got for just $14.99 on Ulta.


It says 29.99 but I bought it for $15 🙂

I know the theme is getting tired and overused but I think it would be a mistake to sleep on these products, especially since they’re at such a good price for a lot of stuff. The colors are gorgeous and fun, especially for some summer or music festival looks. Here is an overview and swatches of what I got in my box 🙂

The collection comes with three eyeliners, four liquid shadows, four liquid lipsticks and a highlighter. The eyeliners come in the shades Sea Symmetry, Sea Dreams and Trident’s Shimmer (right to left)


The blue shade (Sea Dreams) actually proved to be unusable because the brush came so ridiculously frayed but luckily I have thin liner brushes I could use instead.


Next are the liquid shadows called Mysterious Nights, Lara’s Necklace (who the hell is Lara), Moonlight Majesty and Aquatic Prism. These swatch absolutely GORGEOUS but the problem I have with them is the way they dry- they turn crusty and chunky and start to flake, but I’m sure with a wet pressed shimmer over them they would make for a very great base color.


The next product and my favorite by far are the liquid lips which come in the shades Coral Crown, Harbor a Crush, Siren’s Jewel and Sea Seduction (top to bottom)

. Honestly after this I am probably going to end up buying all of Wet N’ Wild’s “Cat Suit” lip colors because these are so perfect. They apply so nice and pigmented and feel great on my lips, so I’m thinking a Wet N’ Wild lip product haul will be in the near future.


Last but not least was their highlighter called Midnight Moon. Honestly I didn’t doubt this product since Wet N’ Wild always has great highlighting products. This particular shade is really pretty and I think could be perfect for a go-to highlight shade.


Overall I’m extremely pleased with the amount of products I got for such a good price. These were limited edition, however Wet N’ Wild does have the products out, these shades following this whole mermaid theme were only out for a limited time. Like I said, after trying these liquid lips I am definitely going to be buying more in the permanent collection of colors they have, but I don’t think these eyeliners will be missed that much. Although, now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure they have metallic colored eyeliners already out….but don’t quote me on that. When I go shopping for my lipsticks I’ll have to take a look ❤

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