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I Got “Free” Makeup From Wish And Was A Little On The Shook Side

The “Wish” app seems to be the new trend among beauty/style Youtubers, mainly because of how the app is so…sketchy. The only other time I’ve bought from this app was a couple Halloweens ago and I needed a Harley Quinn costume for cheap.


Here’s a throwback to that costume! It did not disappoint.

Anyway, lately beauty gurus have been buying clothes/makeup from the Wish app and unboxing them on camera, which can be pretty funny to watch when the product is completely ridiculous compared to what it was advertised on. Since I’m not a professional Youtuber and do not have the funds to spend a lot on makeup that may or may not be complete trash, I only opted for things that were “free” (nothing is really free on Wish because you still have to pay shipping.) Honestly, I think I lucked out.

I did order what was said to be a complete brush set, however I only received 2 brushes. I’m not mad for two reasons- one, they were free and shipping was dirt and two, they’re actually decent quality and pretty cute too.


I also got this set of paint brushes mainly because I wanted to use the super thin tipped brushes for eyeliner but honestly the flat and angled ones are great for cut creases and packing shadow on to the lid.


I grabbed these two eyeshadows from a brand called Phoera. They are the “Super Vibrant” shadows and look like they are meant to be dupes of Colourpop’s Super Shock shadows. I am extremely impressed with these two shadows however- they are very creamy and metallic and look even better when applied wet.

Next, I got this super basic Instahoe “Unicorn Oil”- AKA Illuminating Glow Elixir. While it looks very pretty in the bottle, the formula was weird and pasty and made me look like a sparkly tomato instead of incandescently glowing.

Next I got the Perfect Liquid Foundation from a brand called Popfeel. I ordered two shades because I didn’t think they had my shade in the range available but honestly these look practically the same. I mixed them together anyway and WOW. They are medium coverage (they did a good job of covering up the glitter skin rash from that unicorn piss I rubbed on my face) and have the most beautiful, dewy finish. As someone with oily skin I don’t care too much for anything that isn’t matte, but these were just so natural looking, I couldn’t help but be obsessed. Not to mention they were buildable and have SPF 15. I think these will be great for the remainder of the summer.



Last but not least I picked up some lip products. These are the Pudaier lip glosses, which are definitely not lip glosses. They remind me more of the Nyx matte lip creme, except not nearly as good. I give the packaging a 10/10 however, although I’m pretty sure Lancome may have just released lip products with similar bottles…

Overall I don’t think buying from Wish is really worth it since it’s such a hit/miss app. Right now I think its main customer base is Youtubers, and with all the videos I’ve seen, viewers are advised not to purchase from the app. I just happened to luck out on some pretty useful products (I also got the cutest pair of shoes that fit me like a freaking glove and an Zaful outfit that somehow got sold to me through Wish) but it’s not like this is a hidden gem for cheap makeup or anything. For that, I would highly recommend Shop Miss A ( or even the dollar store has some good cheap brands, such as L.A. Colors and Jordana. While I am in love with these foundations, I don’t think I trust the app enough to continue exploring the makeup products they have available. I’ll just stick with what I got ❤

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