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5 Hyped Up Makeup Products I Didn’t Like At All

Makeup has never been a one size fits all gig. There will always be a product somebody absolutely loves while that same product could be the worst thing ever to another person- cosmetics don’t work the same on all of the different skin types, textures, and preferences out there. These products I’m about to list were ones I purchased after hearing all of the amazing reviews about them…and then unfortunately, did not work out for me at all. While it is apparent that a large majority of the beauty community loves these products, for one reason or another these hidden gems ended up being a huge disappointment.

  1. The Beauty Blender

I’ve been through a lot of different makeup sponges, and to this day my all time favorite is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, which is only $6. But of course when the Beauty Blender started becoming very popular, I had to give it a try. And it worked absolutely fine…in fact, it did just as well as the $6 Real Techniques sponge, so I didn’t really understand why it cost more than triple that price. And then something else happened.

I keep all my sponges stored in the same place and clean them all thoroughly and regularly, and dispose of them after X amount of time to replace them with a new one (unlike makeup brushes, sponges don’t have a very long life expectancy). I treated this expensive beauty sponge no different. And only a few weeks into owning it, I started noticing the little black dots.

I washed it immediately as I saw them, but they didn’t come out. In fact, they started to grow. I literally ended up dissecting my Beauty Blender to find out just how deep the mold was manifesting, which was pretty deep. I chucked the whole thing after not owning it for a very long time even though it was a pretty penny. Now I am not sure why this happened, it may not be the fault of the product at all, but all I can say is I cleaned it the same way I’ve cleaned all of my other sponges and this was the only one where I had this problem at all.I usually dispose of my other sponges before I spot any mold growing on them, and thats after a good amount of time with them. I also know that the Beauty Blender was the most expensive sponge I’ve ever purchased, and also the shortest lived. So for that reason, I will not be repurchasing a Beauty Blender, but rather sticking to my faithful Miracle Complexion.

  1. The Naked 3 Palette

I absolutely love rose gold eye looks. I just love rose gold in general, so the Naked 3 palette is actually the only one of the Naked collection that I purchased. And if I’m being honest, the color pigmentation kinda sucks. I think I did a really quick eye look with it when I first got it and I used the colors Dust and Burnout since those are my favorites, and not only was it a pain in the ass to get them to show up on my lids, but they basically just fell off my eyelids by the end of the day (yes I used primer I always use primer).

Even swatching them on my wrist, the colors show up nice on my finger tip, but then disappear almost as soon as I drag it onto my skin. Blackheart (the darkest color) is a pain in the freaking ASS to build on my lid, which is unexpected since it looks so dark in the pan. And then lastly there’s the color selection- there’s only two matte shades in this whole palette and once again, they barely even show up. I don’t even understand the purpose of the color Limit since it just blends right into my skin as I put it on. I understand there are people with lighter skin tones with me- let me know in the comments if you are more fair and this palette works better for you. But aside from the pigmentation, I just think there’s not enough variety of color and texture in this palette to create that many unique looks, which is a quality I always look for in a good eyeshadow palette.

  1. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I heard such great things about this foundation and I’m pretty sure it was an Allure beauty favorite, so when it came time for me to shop for a new foundation I picked out this one. Now, I did order online, so maybe this first problem is on me, but the nearest Sephora is a 30 minute drive in a town I never have a reason to go to. That being said, ordering my stuff online is usually what I do, and I always end up getting a good shade based on the description of it. I can’t find anywhere on my bottle the name of the shade, but I think it may be Soft Sand, which is nearing the middle of the color range (usually where I fall on most color ranges). It’s ridiculously light. Once again, this isn’t necessarily the product’s fault, but it looks completely different than the online swatch, which is a problem I haven’t had in the past ordering foundations. So that was annoying.

Then I wore it and oh my God. Within hours it was sliding off my face. It literally had formed this oily kind of layer on top of my skin and was basically dripping off my face. I had never seen anything like it, so I concluded that perhaps this product is not for those with oily skin. I’ve since fixed both of these dilemmas by mixing it with another foundation, so I’ve made it work, but I don’t think I should have to mix a foundation to get the desired effect from it. Also the cap does not stay on. It wasn’t broken or anything, the cap was fine- it just sucked at being a cap and now it’s lost.

  1. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I was in need of a new liquid eyeliner so once again I scoured the internet for the best of the best. I saw that this eyeliner was a favorite among many, being used by many Youtubers in their tutorials, so I purchased it. From the first use I hated it.

First of all this bleeds and expands like a mofo. It can’t draw a thin line because no matter how thin and careful you draw the product just seeps into all your little cracks and lines and then your line grows into a blob. Also it’s a felt tip, so it has a nice pointed tip for precision. For whatever reason, no product collects in the tip of the pen. Even after shaking it, if you press the very tip of the pen down absolutely nothing will come out, therefore you have to use the shaft of the felt tip, which is not only a pain in the ass and hard to control, but also results in a thick blob rather than a precise line. Then it randomly will stop depositing product, so it will be a black line one minute and then all of a sudden nothing is coming out. I never trust this to do winged liner with, and it gives no control or precision what so ever. It does dry down matte and doesn’t budge however, so I will give it that.

  1. Fenty Beauty Foundation

I’ll probably be blackballed for this but that’s ok. I was really looking forward to the Fenty Beauty release, and Rihanna does have some wonderful products that I’ve talked about in other blog posts. I do have another post where I talk about my problems with this foundation, so I’ll try to sum it up really quick; First of all, it’s impossible to blend. Even shaking it well before use as instructed, I have to go as fast as I can or it will dry down on my skin in blotches and not move. Even if I think I successfully blended it out in time, I’ll discover blotches here and there after it’s dried completely. Then there is the color. The color I bought was fine and matched me pretty well. It’s just once it dries onto my skin it turns orange. Literally orange. One time I did a makeup look for the ‘Gram using this foundation and had to crop it just to show the eyes because of how bad this foundation made me look. I couldn’t even Facetune it better. I’ve already done a post expressing my disappointment with this product, but it definitely made the #1 spot on this list, unfortunately 😦

Like I said, things work differently for every person and there are probably good reasons these products are popular. I thought I would be interesting to share the acclaimed Holy Grail products that just absolutely backfired on me, and maybe see if there’s anyone else out there who shares my misfortune, or has advice for how they make these products work better for them!

3 thoughts on “5 Hyped Up Makeup Products I Didn’t Like At All

    1. I know right! I love my Miracle Complexion sponge. But I guess everyone just has different preferences- but its still so disappointing when everyone is in love with a product so you expect it to be great but then you try it and it turns out…not so great :/


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