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How I Squeezed A Look Out Of This Tiny Overpriced Palette, Featuring a Rant About Brand Collabs

I believe it was around the end of 2017 when the Gigi Hadid X Maybelline collection launched and everyone was talking about it. Honestly all I had heard was some “eh, its alright” ‘s and “not necessarily bad” ‘s about it, so I didn’t even bother with it. I mean, I barely even know who Gigi Hadid is- I just know she’s the sister of that girl who was like “when homeboy comes through wearing these, its quiet.”

So some time passes and I was shopping at TJ Maxx/preparing my blog post about how to shop for makeup at TJ Maxx when I saw some items from the Gigi Hadid collection and grabbed a couple to see what they were all about. I got the tinted primer and the eye contour palette for $2.99 each. I hadn’t gotten the chance to play with them when I was bored one night watching makeup videos on Youtube, and I found out the price of this palette. Let me just show you what this palette looks like before I tell you the original price of it:


I have no idea why this picture came out upside down, but you still get the gist, right?


Are you kidding me???

Also please excuse my dirty blanket its on the floor to keep my butt comfortable.

When I got home and opened this up, I thought $2.99 was too much. Why are the shadows so ridiculously tiny? What even is this color selection?

Here’s a list of eyeshadow palettes you could get for the same price, each with more than 5 shades and each with significantly bigger pan sizes:

  • Makeup Revolution’s Fortune Favors The Brave Ultra 30 Eyeshadow Palette
  • Nyx Dreamcatcher Palette
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Paradise Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette (keep in mind L’Oreal and Maybelline are sister companies.)

And here’s a list of eyeshadow palettes you could buy for less than $14.99, all with more than 5 shades and bigger pans:

  • Maybelline’s Lemonade Craze Palette
  • Morphe’s 9C Jewel Crew Eyeshadow Palette
  • Colourpop’s Take Me Home Pressed Powder Palette
  • E.L.F. ‘s Prism Eyeshadow Palette

So since Maybelline has decided to become some type of Tom Ford brand all of a sudden I figured the quality of these shadows MUST be out of this world. That would only make sense- why else would this palette be worth so much money when you are getting so little?

Here are the swatches (With vs. Without Flash)

Not gonna lie, the pigmentation of these shadows was a lot better than I anticipated. But they’re really chalky and crumbly. They apply rich in color at first but can be swept away to nothing with a few too many strokes from a blending brush. That peachy coral shade or whatever you want to call the color second from the right is absolute garbage. The rest are mediocre, and really there isn’t much you can make from this palette. If you want something for just a natural everyday eye, sure- but there’s definitely cheaper palettes with better quality shadows you can buy instead.

So now that I’ve gone through this palette and all the things I hate about it, lets address the blatant screaming reason why it’s so much money: because Gigi Hadid’s name is printed on the package. That is it. And honestly, that is an absolute ridiculous ripoff.

There’s been a lot of buzz in the beauty community lately about brands and their collaborations with influencers and celebrities. For example, the Jaclyn Hill “Vault” collection that recently launched with Morphe has been delayed- after the launch already happened- because the quality of the palettes that are bought by customers aren’t matching up with what we see from influencers who received them for free in PR. Some disappointed customers have a theory that this problem may have  something to do with cutting costs and taking advantage of people’s loyalty to certain personalties in the beauty industry.

Kylie Cosmetics is a perfect example to demonstrate how far fans will go to pay for a name. It is no secret by now that Kylie has her products made in the same labs as the brand Colourpop, but the price differences between each brand is pretty steep. Colourpop, by every definition in my book, is an affordable brand. Kylie Cosmetics is absolutely not. I’m not bashing Kylie or her products by any means, but I am trying to show how people who are loyal fans, followers, or consumers for a particular celebrity will overlook this fact about where these products are coming from because of their love for Kylie and their desire to support her.  Other brands are starting to notice this and put out low quality products with a jacked up price and a famous person’s name slapped on the package and it is completely not okay, in my humble opinion.

Collaborations with brands can be lots of fun and always get me excited. The first one I ever purchased was Manny MUA’s palette that he made with Makeup Geek, and I loved it! He developed a few of his own colors for it and organized them with existing MG shades to make a simple but versatile palette with high quality shadows. Jaclyn Hill’s original palette with Morphe was a huge success- she even had a hand in developing an eyeshadow formula specifically for her palette rather than using the existing Morphe formula (which is already good to begin with!) But this Gigi Hadid thing….it’s sad. I have absolutely nothing against Gigi as a person- this is solely about the product and the price of the product as well as my own personal opinions about how corrupt brands have become since collaboration projects have grown popular amongst consumers.

My only advice is that beauty bloggers and Youtubers are literal professionals at testing out products, and whenever there is a new popular launch from someone, go watch or read as many reviews as you can. Just because the product has the name of someone you adore on it, doesn’t mean it is necessarily a good product and is worth your hard earned money. Remember that at Sephora, CVS, or basically anywhere you buy makeup from, you can return it if you are unhappy with it (so keep your receipts!). And if you are unhappy, get on your social media and talk to people about it! If you find everyone has a problem with it, you may be catching a brand trying to take advantage of you and rip you off. This isn’t some paranoid conspiracy saying that every brand is evil and all collaborations are scams- I just hate the thought of a Gigi fan dropping her money on crap like this because of a brand wanting to bring profit in by cutting corners in such a shady way. I will always encourage proceeding with caution when it comes to spending your money on anything, not just makeup. The moral of this story is to make sure you do everything you can to practice smart shopping ❤

Anyway with all this being said Gal Gadot said she’s doing a new project with Revlon and I could not be more stoked- Revlon please don’t rip us off.

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