What The Hell Is Tinted Primer & How Do I Use It?

Recently I published a post ranting about the Gigi Hadid X Maybelline collection and the only product I talked about was this tiny little palette I bought at TJ Maxx. I actually bought another product from the collection which they call a tinted primer.

To be honest I didn’t really do a good enough job of reading the bottle and I kind of assumed it was something like a tinted moisturizer so I just threw it in my basket and moved along. However I now realize what the product actually is, and its not a very common product you see hanging out at the drugstore. I can’t even really think of any well known, high end brands at Sephora that carry a product like this except Benefit, but even that product is just called a liquid bronzer.

Anyway, now that I understand what this product is I figured I’d quickly put together a little guide on how to use it in case tinted primers start becoming all the rage. Something you might see beauty gurus do often is use a liquid highlight under their makeup to give themselves a lit-from-within look (I used this technique in my Meghan Markle bridal makeup post). This is kind of the same concept except it’s more of a warmth-from-within look you wanna go for.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, rub a product like this all over your face like you would a regular primer. You will look very muddy. Basically, what you want to do before you apply foundation is tape this onto where you would normally bronze and contour- under your cheekbones, the corners of your forehead and sides of your jaw. I recommend using a dome-shaped foundation brush to then blend it into the skin, such as E.L.F.’s Selfie Ready Foundation Brush.

Next you want to apply a sheer to medium coverage foundation, just the same way you normally put on foundation. A full coverage foundation would defeat the purpose of this product by covering it up almost completely.

This could be a great product for beach or daytime makeup, or maybe even bridal makeup because it adds a more natural, warm shadow to the face and isn’t as harsh as a bronzer and contour shade combo. Hopefully this gives you a new technique to use if you already own or maybe see a product like this and are interested in getting the most out of it ❤


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