Disappointing Products To Avoid: Makeup Academy Brushes

Makeup Academy is not exactly a new brand, but I recently threw out another one of their brushes so I figured I talk about this. I think they hit CVS stores around two years ago, and when I saw them I was intrigued. Their style and packaging reminds me a lot of MAC, so they appear to be very chic and sophisticated, with high-end presentation on an end cap in the drug store. I fell in love with the way their brushes looked, and bought a hand full of them to try at about $10-$13 a piece- kinda pricey for drugstore brushes. I think the first two brushes I started using were face brushes, one was definitely a stippling brush I used for foundation and the other might have been a powder brush (I’ve since tossed them in the garbage so it’s a little hard for me to remember.) The first thing I noticed was the shedding. I was constantly

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